Our Marketing Manager, Ann posing with our Fifa Folab score board.

What is a coworking space without any events engaging the community?  Co-labs' very own Fifa 19 Tournament just for our beloved #LabFam, was done in a knock out format, kicking off with a Round of 16, powered by Redbull Malaysia as the event sponsor. 
Annis Saipul, our only female contender.

The Lab, our event hall was transformed into a large gamers' nest, with 3 screens playing simultaneously. The atmosphere was filled with cheers from spectators supporting their favourite players, beers in hand: just like a real football match in a roaring stadium.  Within 2 minutes of the tournament, the first goal was scored. by our only female player of the night :  Anis Saipul of JWT. *girl power!*

Members were treated to a buffet spread served on a thematic football-inspired green pitch to fuel up for the competition.
After 2 hours of competitive play,  the final showdown between Justin Khoo of Salty Customs was crowned the undefeated champion of Colab's FIFA '19 tourney.

A spread of burger sliders and fries served on a grass-inspired football pitch