Community Development Manager


Full time

About the role

The purpose of the Community Manager is to tend to the key relationships in our member community: member-to-member and company-to-member. This role is ideal for an extrovert who is a strong-connector, someone who loves people, is an exceptional communicator and is a natural at building relationships. Experience in community and events management is desired. The Community Manager’s main goals are: onboarding and helping new members connect and build strong relationships; creating shared experiences for members; and managing all member events. This role is essentially the conduit of a healthy and vibrant community and the key curator of the Co-labs Coworking member experience.

Key responsibilities

  • Organize and participate in events to build community and boost brand awareness
  • Coordinate with Marketing, PR and Communications teams to ensure brand consistency
  •  Develop community initiatives designed to create connections between members, including member introductions, overseeing events, electronic and print communications, and building walk-throughs.
  •  Oversee events to ensure there is a good balance of educational, member appreciation, and lead generating and sales-related events.
  •  Build relationships with customers, potential customers, industry professionals and journalists
  • Solve member-related issues to ensure a cohesive community and manage member expectations.
  • Meet with members to resolve issues, process member terminations and other issues of complexity.
  • Membership Services & Member Experience: This role is the curator, the driver and director for the everyday “vibe” of the space – a general awesome feeling that resonates when you walk in the door – which begins with the onboarding experience and carries through to integration into the membership community, all the while delivering exceptional member experience

Key requirements

  • Experience launching community initiatives (e.g. building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series and writing an email newsletter)
  • Ability to identify and track relevant community metrics (e.g. repeat attendance at events)
  • Excellent verbal communication  and writing skills
  • Hands on experience with social media management for brands
  • Ability to interpret website traffic and online customer engagement metrics
  • Knowledge of online marketing and marketing channels
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask

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