Events Virtual Circles: Are You Languishing Right Now?

Virtual Circles: Are You Languishing Right Now?

Virtual Circle

It's not you, it's languishing. The current situation has gotten most of us feeling this way, and that's okay. Join our Virtual Circles with certified coaches to find power in vulnerability and learn from other men or women.

2021 Sep 3-2021 Sep 3

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

A circle is a safe space where you can build connections, share what's on your mind, as well as listen, learn and grow from the experiences of other strong men or women. Find power in vulnerability with our coaches—Ezra Mitchell and Amanda Luukinen. Participants and instructor will engage with one another in hopes that each participant comes out recharged at the end of the session.
Fee: Complimentary (Members) | RM100 (Non-members)
Platform: Microsoft Teams
About Ezra:
Ezra Mitchell is a transformational coach training clients in Emotional Fitness, the strengthening of our emotional muscles that lead to more confidence, resilience, and a higher quality of life. Ezra is also an on-air host for Mindvalley and is passionate about facilitating conversations around personal growth. Follow Ezra on Instagram.
About Amanda:
As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and founder of “Allways Live Well”, Amanda coaches and guides women to live in full alignment with their heart-centered truth. Women who work with Amanda learn how to trust themselves, open their hearts to deeper love, speak their truth, live with intention, and feel deeply empowered to live well as a woman. Connect with Amanda at and follow her on Instagram.
*Spaces are limited to ensure that everyone gets the best experience.
*All stories shared in the circle will be held confidential.
*Both circles will be held at the same time but separately via different meeting links.
*We encourage all participants to turn on their cameras as seeing each other is crucial to build trust.
**For non-members, please register here.

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