Events #LabFam Chats: Build PR Value That Lasts Beyond A Pandemic

#LabFam Chats: Build PR Value That Lasts Beyond A Pandemic

PR is by no means a sprint but rather a slow and steady strategy that entails conveying a compelling brand story, an important initiative to assist in capturing the right audiences.

2021 May 27-2021 May 27

4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and startup founders have reconstructed their marketing efforts and pivoted their strategies to maintain relevance. Utilizing a timeless PR strategy can assist in developing impactful messages to target the right markets to build stronger brand recognition and awareness. 
Elliot & Co will be covering the fundamentals, overall concepts of PR and how it can help brands gain higher memorability that lasts beyond the pandemic.

Platform: Microsoft Teams (Click here)

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