Events #LabFam Connects: Bringing Businesses Together [Virtual Speed Networking]

#LabFam Connects: Bringing Businesses Together [Virtual Speed Networking]

Join us in making business connections to open up new opportunities and support like-minded decision makers, especially during these unprecedented times.

2020 Jun 4-2020 Jun 4

11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Welcome to Co-labs Coworking first virtual networking session. This session aims to connect the community that would span beyond the initial session and support each other especially during this difficult time and economic uncertainty.

It is increasingly challenging to find a platform to connect especially during times like this. Part of a success either for personal or business is largely attributed to the pool of information or ideas garnered.

In Co-labs Coworking, we believe collaboration can bring you to greater heights especially with the diverse background of our members and partners. Whether you are seeking business collaboration or growing your professional profile or simply looking to widen your pool of connection, this session is the avenue for opportunities and linking people to build a platform of network.

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