Events Let's Code! Explore the World of Programming at the Sentul Festival 2019

Let's Code! Explore the World of Programming at the Sentul Festival 2019

In collaboration with the Sentul Festival, the Dignity for Children school & The IO Foundation, Co-labs Coworking presents an interactive and fun workshop to introduce programming basics and its underlying principles to everyone aged 12 - 18 years old.

2019 Aug 17-2019 Aug 17

1:00 PM-3:00 PM

Workshops available:

AUG 17th 2019 (Saturday) 1:00PM - 3:00PM
AUG 18th 2019 (Sunday) 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Who should attend?
This workshop is primarily designed for everyone aged between 12-18 years old. However, if your child who is keen on learning to code is older/younger we welcome him/her too!

What is this workshop about?
It is an interactive workshop where your child will learn the basic concepts of programming, understand how digital devices and coding works (flows, languages, usage scenarios). The workshop also outlines an introduction to coding logic Statements, Variables, Conditions, Loops) and a quiz game to reinforce what was learned throughout the workshop.

Other awesome things you need to know

Workshop participants will be paired up with the Dignity for Children school students. Besides learning how to code, get to know a diverse group of people and make new friends. This event is FREE of charge! 

*Please note that both workshops will feature the same outline. To ensure that participants all have an equal chance to learn to code, please only sign up for 1 session. We aim to promote an equal learning opportunity for all- please only sign up if you are able to confirm your participation.  Should you not be able to attend for any unforeseen reasons, kindly email to retract your workshop reservation. Thank you. 

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