Events #ScreenFree Labour Day

#ScreenFree Labour Day

This coming Public Holiday, join Tribeless for a day of workshops, screening and activities designed to optimize human connection! 2,617. That's the number of times the average user touches their phone every day, according to a 2016 research study. If this doesn't sound alarming to you, then this event is not for you. If it does, read on. Your smartphone – and especially your social media apps – are designed to be as addictive as possible. Advertisers make money off your attention span. The more time you spend on their app, the fatter their bank accounts. We're not telling you to throw your phone away. Sometimes, the first step is just to take a break – and see how you feel without it. This upcoming Labour Day, we invite you to join Tribeless as we take a 4-hour #ScreenFree break together.

2019 May 1-2019 May 1

12:00 PM-5:00 PM

The day will be kicked off with a mini-workshop on "Screen Management Life Hacks", followed by a screening of Brené Brown's latest Netflix special – "The Call to Courage". And finally, wrapped up with some fun, hands-on wellbeing activities

It's going to be a day of rest, play and human connection. Maybe you'll even forget to turn your phone back on. (Seriously, it's happened before!) This is a community event organized in conjunction with the global Screen-Free Week campaign, where you "turn off your devices" to "turn on life". Honestly, we're not looking to break any habits or cut any addictions. We're just hoping to create a space for you to reset your priorities, reconnect with yourself (and other wonderful human beings), and hopefully, regain CTRL of your screen-time (and life!). Are you in?

1. Learn tried-and-true hacks to manage your screen-time for healthier relationships, increased productivity, deeper focus and more creativity.
2. Get inspired by Brené Brown as she shares her research about what it takes to choose COURAGE over COMFORT in a culture of fear and uncertainty.
3. Share and learn from each other's takeaways in an immersive, intimate, conversational experience with Tribeless Conversations & The Empathy Box.
4. Experience eye connection with strangers in a ground-breaking social experiment...And express your gratitude after as a group

1. Gwen Yi from Tribeless-  a global movement and empathy training firm that equips individuals and organizations with the ability to transform their relationships through open, honest communication. To date, we have facilitated over 900+ hours of Tribeless Conversations for people from 80+ nationalities and 5 continents. 2. Vic Qi from Reconnect & Recharge. Tribeless is a social movement that focuses on cultivating healthier relationships with ourselves and with others. Starting out as a digital detox movement to reconnect people to what's offline, we've gone on to coordinate large-scale events like the World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment in Asia.


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