CO-LABS | Transform Your Coworking Space in Multiple Configurations

Is there a minimum rental period?

For monthly memberships, the minimum rental is 1 month. Other flexible options like Daily Passes and Weekly Passes are available.

Can I stop by or should I make an appointment for a tour?

Tours must be scheduled in advance. This ensures our availability and helps our team focus on helping you make the right decision to suit for needs. Email us at [email protected] to schedule a tour!

How do printing credits work?

All plans include a monthly credit allocation that can be used for both colour and black & white prints or photocopy. After you have used up your printing credits, you may request for more at additional charge which will be reflected in your next billing cycle. Unused credits do not rollover from month to month. Our Community Specialist will assist you in the initial setup to access the shared printer.

Can I book meeting rooms or the entire space for an event over the weekend?

Sure! Special arrangements can be made with at least 3 days advance notice provided.

What is your official opening hours?

A staff is generally onsite at location between 10am-7pm local time on weekdays. As the space is located within Utropolis Marketplace, surrounding shops will be open from 10am-10pm daily.
For Fixed Desk and Premium Suite members, your space is accessible by access card 24/7.

Am I allowed to bring my pet to work? What’s your pet policy?

In order to maintain the cleanliness of Co-labs and adhere to Utropolis Marketplace mall policies, pets are not encouraged within the co-working space. As a pet-loving community, we still believe in treating animals with love and care.

What is the size of your meeting room?

Each meeting room fits 6 pax. Two rooms of equal size can be combined for larger meetings up to 15 pax.

I am a member and I love the space! Can I get a referral reward for sharing the space with others?

Yes! Our referral program rewards existing members with 5% off their own membership for every referral gained. Unlimited referrals are allowed and each discount applies on top of an existing discount, eg. (RM250 – 5%) – 5% = RM225.63 new monthly fees

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