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Co-labs Coworking Tropicana Gardens Front Desk

Co-labs Coworking Tropicana Gardens – Early Bird Special. 

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Join us as we celebrate our newest flagship opening in December 2020 at Tropicana Gardens Mall, Kota Damansara. Our new space spans more than 17,000 sq. ft. and is set in a modern heritage theme, where our interiors are locally-inspired, from artisan batik to handcrafted weaves made by indigenous tribe ladies and furniture made out of rattan and our signature Chengal wood.

Take a peek into your new office today and enjoy 50% savings off your membership price today.


Where Connectivity Meets Convenience
Our new space is located on the 2nd floor of the Tropicana Gardens Mall, accessible via Persiaran Surian and Persiaran Tropicana, and connected directly to the Surian MRT station.  

Co-labs Coworking Tropicana Gardens features our signature amenities such as meeting rooms, an event hall, nap pods, a nursing room, a fully-equipped pantry, and more. An exciting new addition to our new flagship is a large member’s lounge area- which will be equipped with a self-serving café and offers a relaxed tropical atmosphere with plenty of sunlight- where our members can either take a breather or get productive at our cozy nooks. 

Our Front Desk area features our signature Chengal wood set in a modern heritage design
Enjoy a fully-equipped pantry as you take a breather from your busy workday.
Our event hall that seats up to 70 people is convertible to a training hall or larger meeting room.
Need some space for a video conference call or a phone call? Our quiet pods give you the space to do so away from others.

Luxury of Space
Our new location will feature Premium Office Suite rooms that accommodate between 2-16 pax and are designed with a larger built-up area in mind to offer members ample space in their suites  Each Premium Suite comes with our handcrafted Chengal wood workstations with in-built universal ports, USB adaptors, and pedestal storage.

Our spacious Premium Office Suite rooms offer a large built-up area to accommodate teams of all sizes.

Our Fixed Desks here offer members just the right amount of privacy and space as each designated desk is situated in a nook, equipped with pedestal storage in a shared workspace area.

Our Fixed Desk workstations are designed with practicality and cost-efficiency in mind

Our Flexi Desks offer members, who are on the go, the flexibility to sit at our hot-desking area or member’s lounge to flourish with our growing community of members.


*Limited to the first 100 seats booked and a  minimum monthly tenure of 3 months applies. 

Take a peek into your new office today and enjoy 50% savings off your membership price today.


For more information on Co-labs Coworking Tropicana Gardens, click here.

Enterprise Plans are also available, designed for larger teams of between 20 – 95 pax. To customize your Enterprise Plan, please e-mail: [email protected]

*This promotion has expired