World Book Day – #LabFam Recommends

In conjunction with World Book Day, we went around the Co-labs Coworking offices and asked our members who share the joy of reading to share their favourite books. Here’s what they had to say.

“If you love music and romcoms, this is the perfect read for you. Rob Sheffield, a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, shares how music, specifically different mix tapes he made in different periods, helped him through his life and his grief after his wife passed away. As someone whose life revolves around music – from my 9-5, to my personal experiences, my upbringing, and so on – this book is very relatable in how I chart my life through music and reading this is like having a warm blanket wrapped around you on a cold night. Music is an everyday thing for the most of us, but looking into how it actually defines moments in our life changes the way we see or hear specific songs, good and/or bad. Sheffield also navigates grief in a very compelling way in how music helped him through loss and how he moved forward, reminding us that we should always live and love to the fullest.” – Ize, Believe

“An easy read and an interesting take on how to get started on your journey of being “creative”. Great for people who have short attention spans (since it’s pretty short and there are doodles in them).” – Alyssa, The Simple Sum

“Sometimes it is a good idea to judge a book by its cover. ‘Give People Money’ argues for a Universal Basic Income. I picked up this book sometime in 2018, and by 2020 I decided to go back to school for my master’s and am now doing my PhD. This book played a big part in charting new paths for me, but more importantly, it shows how creating a more just society is achievable with good economic policies. It also answers the most common question posed by detractors – will people become lazier if we just hand out cash to everyone. TL;DR, they do not.” – Hardesh, FinAIMS

“I was so engrossed with the book’s storyline, especially on the lost submarine, not to give too much away, that I missed my train stop. So when I looked up, I realized that I didn’t recognize the landscape anymore and I had to get off at the next stop, cross over, and take the train back to Seputeh.” – Shareen, Ogilvy

“I am a sucker for fantasy books that allow me a moment of escapism and this does just that. It’s feel-good, whimsy, charming, funny and often quite witty with some fantastic one-liners. It also has a queer love story that blends itself very naturally into the narrative.

This book is an excellent exploration of the way that outsiders are perceived by people who ostracize them and the hostile environments that governments can sometimes cause. It reminded me of the world’s attitudes towards refugees—innocent people who just want to be safe, live harmlessly and co-exist in a new country but are marginalised by locals with misconceived opinions. This book shows that perceptions can often be misguided because acceptance and new values can come about as long as we are open to educating ourselves with the right information and understanding.” – Darren, Co-labs Coworking

“As far as absurd storylines go, the Devil’s Place by Malaysian author Brian Gomez takes the cake. It tells the story of a struggling musician, a prostitute and a taxi driver who are embroiled in a murder, and in relation come across a suitcase filled with illicit cash – US$18million! 

As soon as word gets out that there is unaccounted for money up for grabs, the eccentric ‘creatures’ of the underworld begin creeping into the book, all eager to get their hands on the cash.  

The book has so many things going on, from murder and politics to corruption and terrorism. But through the madness, the scenarios are hilarious and feel remarkably familiar and close to home.” – Sim, The Simple Sum

“Super easy read and relatable chapters, the book introduces readers to the world of finance and money and the author breaks it down in simple terms!” – Wan Chi, HATA

In conclusion, this World Book Day, we hope you are inspired to pick up a book and get lost in its pages. Whether you crave a thought-provoking exploration of social issues, a hilarious romp through the absurd, or a fascinating dive into the world of money and wealth, there’s a book out there for everyone.

And to quench your thirst for new reads, we’re thrilled to announce a book swap event in collaboration with Books On The Move! Join us on Thursday, 23 May 2024 from 12-2PM at Co-labs Coworking The Starling. 

Bring your gently used books and swap them for hidden treasures! It’s a fantastic opportunity to declutter your shelves, discover new favourites, and connect with fellow book lovers.

Here at Co-labs, we believe that surrounding yourself with inspiring people can make all the difference, so come on down, swap some books, and find your tribe!