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Co-labs Coworking Poster on Stress

Introducing our Workplace Mental Wellness Program 

Co-labs Coworking has launched an integrated mental wellness program as part of our growth initiative to promote positive mental health at the workplace. To incorporate psychology with every day well being, we have collaborated with THINKINT, an integrated training and consulting company through psychology, to introduce counselling at the workplace.

 While workplace counselling can be helpful to employees, there are also many benefits for employers: Improved employee performance, leading to productivity gains. Decreased employee absenteeism. Lower turnover rates among employees.

The counselor skilled with therapeutic approaches will help our members:

• Manage difficult emotions

• Reduce stress

• Identify and handle issues that affect the well-being

• Gain self-realization and live a desired lifestyle by setting the right goals

• Increase clarity and better understand your personal orientation based on Holland’s Theory of Career Choice (RIASEC)

These sessions are private and confidential and conducted in line with the ethical guidelines and regulations of the Board of Counsellors of Malaysia.

Currently, Co-labs Coworking members enjoy their 1st session free & enjoy discounts on subsequent sessions. 

When the world shuts you out, we stay open for you!